Monday, June 28, 2010

Dowagiac Councilman say teens should be working in farms

Thank goodness I wasn't able to attend the council meeting Monday night, because of what was written in the DDN I would have needed to wear waders.

Mr. Lyons said "“If I feel there are no qualified candidates,” the mayor added, “the seat may remain vacant until I feel there is one I can recommend in good faith.”. This means that out of the entire City of Dowagiac Mr. Lyons cannot find 13 people that he thinks is fit to sit on his boards. Can our fine mayor really believe that the residents of Dowagiac is going to believe this? The real reason we have 13 openings on these boards is because the mayor cannot find 13 more "Yes" people to appoint.

It even got better, Mr. Dood contacted experts to find out about youth activities in Dowagiac.Mr Dodd listed the following Calvary Bible Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Dowagiac District Library, St. John’s Lutheran Church and Fitch Camp. Once again Mr. Dodd proved like the rest of the council they just don't understand what youth activities are. The one I do aree with is Calvary Bible Church, they do great things for Dowagiac youth.

As far as Mr. Dodds comment about teens working on a farm just shows how ignorant he is on the youth of today. Teen are still children and need something to do. Does Mr. Dodd really think that a 13 year old child should be working on a farm and not have the chance for structured youth activities?

This proves why voters need to clean house next year and get these councilman that think 13 year old children should be working on farms and a mayor that thinks kids still play kick the can out of office.

Dowagiac will never move forward as long as we have councilman like Mr. Dodd thinking that we live in a community like Little House On The Prarie.

Good Night John Boy,

Howard Hall