Sunday, October 17, 2010

More complaints on Coloma Ambulance service from township official

More on the Townships Problems With Coloma Ambulance.

According to the township Coloma Ambulance has been reporting calls that were never made to bring down their response time. On many occasions Coloma Ambulance has reported making calls that the county E-911 had no knowledge of.

One township official has asked why they see Coloma Ambulance traveling on CR 687 so much?

They also question why in the 2 1/2 years and audit has never been done.

They has also suggests that because we are getting free service and are no considering the quality of care we are receiving.

The board has been in violation of the open meeting act on several occasions.

They way board members are chosen are to restrictive.

The board gave Coloma Ambulance a 5 year extension on their contract when the bylaws only allow for a three year extension. The writer of this complaint suggest that their township pull out of the contract with Coloma Ambulance because of deceit.

The board has been asked for minutes From their meetings and none has been received for over a year.

A citizen called and asked about the July19th meeting. When the citizen arrives for the meeting they were told the meeting was canceled even though the meeting was taking place. The writer is correct stating that this is a clear example of violating the open meeting act.

The writer has requested that their township pull out of the agreement so they are not forced to use Coloma Ambulance.

Editors note:
This is what happens when the city of Dowagiac tries to take control of anything. It turns out to be what the writer has called a corrupt system.

If you all remember it was the City of Dowagiac that pushed for this "free" service. It was also the city that decided who would be appointed to this board.

This Ambulance board is just like all of the other boards in the city, corrupt and only the chosen few are appointed.

As the Mayor said he would allow seats to sit empty before he would appoint someone that he doesn't; like.

The idea of boards are to have a cross section of the community so everyone gets represented and not just certain residents.

Lets all hope that when a resident needs an ambulance that they show up with the proper equipment in a timely manner and our ambulance is not out of town doing a transport.

It's hard to attend a meeting and voice your concerns if the meeting are held in secret and residents are turned away even though the meeting is taking place behind closed doors.

We all need to band together next November and vote everyone out of office and take back control of our city.

After reading this do you really want the City of Dowagiac working to merge the Fire Departments? I think not.

Mr. Dodd and Mr. Beaner lets hear your comments on this issue. You always disagee with the Informer, do you still disagree now that this came from an elected official??:???

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silver Creek files report on sub-standard ambulance care

We just received a report named Errors and Omissions of Coloma-Pride care Ambulance Service For Performance Of It's Contract With C/VBESA

Incidents in 2010 where other Ambulance Services were dispatched by Cass County E-911 because Coloma/Pride did not have any unit available in area.
August3 2010 Middle Crossing Road Life Care dispatched because Coloma was not available.
July 17 Garrett and M-62 Sister Lakes and Life Care dispatched because no Coloma Ambulance available.
July 8 Warren Drive Life Care dispatched
June 21 SLAS responded to a call because Coloma did not have proper equipment for treatment on the scene.
Feb 25 SLAS called because Coloma Ambulance was doing transports.
Jan 14 Slas dispatched to Roth Road in Wayne Township because no Coloma unit available.
More available tomorrow. Well it seems that the contract Coloma Ambulance signed has not been followed. You get what you pay for. It seems that our free ambulance service has not been what we promised.
More from this report to follow tomorrow, one being an 11 minute response time from Coloma Ambulance.
11 Minutes for a respond time is to long for someone having a heart attack or another life threatening injury.
We contacted City Manager Kevin Anderson a member of the board and was told that he just received this report and had no comment.