Monday, March 29, 2010

Dowagiac School Forum Is Nothing More Than A Pep Rally

After reading John Eby's thought-provoking article in today's DDN , it brings up a few questions.

Have you ever noticed that whenever the Dowagiac Chamber runs a news story or a TV spot for the city, they ALWAYS have the same store owners talk to the media?

Well, it seems to be the same with the School's forum. Look at the names of those representing the city. It is a "Who's Who" of people who think that Dowagiac is a utopia, and everything is just fine.

Why didn't they select residents who, at the very least, have children in the schools? In order to foster change, you need to have people with different views of the city and schools. It is the same with both the school forum and the chamber. The same people are chosen to represent the citizens' views. It is always people who think everything is perfect in Dowagiac.

This was not really a forum to hear suggestions and concerns of the community. It was more like a pep rally. We need more than a pep rally. We need changes, honesty and representation, and a reality check.

If positive change is to happen in the schools or in the City of Dowagiac, real concerns from real people have to be considered. The views of a hand-picked few who think Dowagiac is a utopia, will not foster change that is needed.

The first step to make positive change, is to first admit you have a problem. We are sure that with the hand-picked group chosen for this forum, the real views of residents never came to the discussion table.


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