Friday, April 8, 2011

Dowagiac City Council Hopeful Speaks Out

Here is something for everyone to think about. When Mr. Oliver was appointed to the council seat weeks before the council interviewed the four people interested he was telling everyone that the mayor promised he would get the seat.
Why did the council even pretend to interview the rest of the people if the mayor already told Mr. Oliver he had the seat.
Now Mr. Oliver is telling residents that the Mayor has already told him not to worry he will win the Election in November. It seems that Mr. Oliver was right about being promised the seat before the interviews were even started, so it would seem that he may be telling the truth this time.
When Mr. Oliver ran for that seat a few years back he only got 20 votes, it would seem odd if he wins this Election by a landslide.
If you remember I requested a recount four years ago when I ran against Mr. Murray and couldn't get it because Mr. Snow "forgot" to take some extra ballots out of the voting machine.
Lets all hope we can prove Mr. Oliver wrong and not all him and the city to give him that seat for another four years. It's time to prove to the mayor that residents run this city not him.
Please step up and run for office and vote, it's time we sent a message to the mayor and Mr. Snow that it's time to bring honesty back to the City of Dowagiac.
Howard Hall

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  1. have very fond memories of visiting Mr. Halls' "candy store"... The "candy" he sold was, as my friends stated it, "some good shit". That's some quality weed! And pills.. and coke *but not Coca Cola*

    Seriously, a "candy" store as the front for a drug dealer - did he think we were stupid?!?!?