Monday, September 21, 2009

Dowagiac City Council refuses to respond to local publication

I find it funny that the only response came from the only official that has someone running against him.
This clearly shows that some of our elected officials only take an interest in their constituents when it’s an election year.
Once again I want to thank Mayor Donald Lyons for retuning his answers, I felt that his answers were very informative and it allowed residents to see what the future holds if he is re-elected.
As far as the remaining council members that have not returned their answers, remember when this when the next Election cycle comes around.
As a registered voter, I think it is a shame that the only responses received was from the one person that has an opponent this Election.
Now it is up to residents to decide the reason that their elected officials have refused to share their thoughts and ideas for the future of Dowagiac.
Howard Hall Editor

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