Monday, September 21, 2009

Dowagiac Michigan Mayor attacks publication

Ref: Mayor Lyons answers
How childish does a Mayor have to be to cast an insult at a person or publication for asking honest questions? The answer is VERY childish. I wonder if Mayor Lyons has accused the Daily News of hiding behind something when they ask questions. Further, if it's his vision to encourage more upscale housing in Dowagiac and increase the retail space in the downtown, wouldn't it be wise to first encourage some industry development here first? The city has lost; Ameriwood, National Copper Products and ICG among others within the last 5 years. Who does Mayor Lyons think is going to live in this upscale housing? The downtown district is more "The Joke of Southwestern Michigan".
Shopping in downtown Dowagiac has become nothing but a perpetual yard sale of used clothing and figurines.
Nowhere in Dowagiac can a man buy a suit or a pair of quality trousers. Nowhere can a teenager buy quality school clothes. Underwood's Shoes appears to be the last holdout from the good days of Dowagiac. How long will it be before Mayor Lyons and his minions on the Council drive Underwood's out as well? Shall we start an office pool?

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