Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cass County Medical Marijuana user to lose home and car?

I am going to watch this Vanderbutts case really close. Now that Mr. Vanderbutts has been found guilty everyone needs to watch his sentencing. Mr. Vanderbutts was convicted of maintaining a drug house. Mr. Vanderbutts has said the County wants to take his house for his crime.
It wasn't long ago that Funeral Director Dave Groner was convicted of Possession of Meth and maintaining a drug house for meth. The county did not seize any of his property. I am sure we can all agree that Meth is a much more dangerous drug than marihuana. I don't think that the state allows the medical use of meth for any reason.
If the county seizes Mr. Vanderbutts house for marihuana and didn't take Mr. Groner house for three Meth convictions, this proves that something in the justice system in Cass County is just not right.

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  1. Cash County Does what ever they want! what law govers them? Who do they have to report to? I have called State goverment offices to find out what can be done. I found there is nothing!
    In cash county the laws are differemt then any other county.In cash county if i share a joint with my brother i am a "dealer". Any other county it is simple pos of marijuana or use.
    Victor Fitz and his team of underhanded atty's play games with peoples lives.A judge that doesn't care what the law is or say's it is what he allows in the court. If a judge wont allow you to prove you not guilty.I could have a million people behind me to prove im not guilty,But if the judge wont allow it in court,then how can you prove your not guilty?
    I have been to many case's in cass county and they are all the same fitz and his team of yahoo's and the judge even the public def atty.all work together to have the people of cash county plead out.But vanderbutts took it to trial so where and what will happen now to a sick man of our county?He done pissed Dodge off now.
    Knowing your rights and the law is not enough in cash county you will need a very good atty, and that may not even save you.This whole trial was a joke and no one in the state gives a &^%k about it because it's not them.But when it becomes them then that's when it matters!
    Paul Thurston "Cass County Compassion Club"
    I'm a mechanic not a speller so please for give any mis spellings.