Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dowagiac Michigan to have one of the highest utility deposits in the nation

One of our readers had a good idea, if you go to the citys webage for the electric board you will see that the board has the following responsibalities. The Electric Facilities Board is a five-member advisory board to the City Council. The
Board advises Council on matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the electric
utility. If this information is correct this increase should have first went through this board. If you look at the members you will see once again we have a city board that isn't completly filled. Here is another clear example of the city not following the rules by not going through the electric board. I told Councilman Oliver the other day, the city needs to disband all of the city boards. If it was up to the city they would not even have councilpersons.
Make sure to go to our home page and call your councilperson and tell them to VOTE NO on this increase.

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