Thursday, February 17, 2011

Residents of Dowagiac start petition to get fairness for customers of city ran utilities

Background :
Residents of city ran utilities have no control over utility increases like customers of public utilities has with the Michigan Public Service Commission. City ran utilities can raise their price with a majority vote of their city council. With every raise in price, families of all financial backgrounds are being affected.

From large and small businesses to residential homes, this affects people all over the United States that are held hostage by city ran utilities. Customers of city ran utilities need the same protection as customers of public ran utilities and be afforded some kind of Government oversight.

Today's economy leaves no room for greedy cities to be overcharging Americans for the necessity of electric power.

We, the undersigned, call on the Sharon Tyler and the Michigan Attorney General to take action and put some guidelines on city ran utilities like they do on public utilities like AEP.

The need for these guideline and oversight is important to the survival of all customers of city ran utilities

Go to to sign out petition.

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