Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did Dowagiac Officials Try To Keep Raw Sewage Leak Into Indian Lake A Secret?

Once again the city of Dowagiac put keeping things a secret above the safety of residents. swimmers and fisherman at Indian Lake.

According to Dowagiac City Manager Kevin Anderson the city called the Dowagiac Daily News 18 hours after the sewage was released into Indian Lake. Which was a Saturday knowing that the Dowagiac Daily News wouldn't print for another two days?

The could and should have contacted the HP and the South Bend Tribune to run a story to inform residents of Indian Lake of the possible health hazards posed to them if them came into contact with RAW SEWAGE.

By the actions of the city there is no way to tell how many people may have come into contact with raw sewage while trying to enjoy their weekend on the lake.

Why it is that the Dowagiac Chamber can send out press releases for every little activity in town and our city officials refused to send out a press release when their is a chance of someone coming into contact with raw sewage?

I wonder if any of the people involved would have went swimming or ate fish that was caught close to where this raw sewage was released?

Both Dowagiac and Indian Lake residents deserve an answer why the city attempted to keep this information a secret. If the city would have contacted the HP or the DDN as soon as this happened, I am sure residents and visitors would have not went into the water close to where this release happened.

Dowagiac residents need to remember that the city put keeping their accident a secret above the health and safety of Indian Lake residents.

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