Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dowagiac Schools Not Telling Parents Correct Information On Registration Paperwork

Well I am sure that most of you have received the enrollment information from Dowagiac schools. I figured that I will point out a LIE in the information you was given.
The information stated that the school can give out "directory" information on your child. It states that "directory" information is nothing more than your students name and grade.
Here is where the school has lied to parents. If you remember a few years ago former Dowagiac City Manager and convicted pedophile William Nelson had what the school said was "directory" information in his desk. The information he had included your children's name, address and phone number and emergency contact information.
This means that the Dowagiac Schools lied when they said the information Mr. Nelson had was directory information, or they are not telling the truth on your paperwork by saying that directory information only contains your child's name and grade.
I wish I could tell you which one was a lie but I can't because the school district refused to investigate why this pedophile had children's information in his desk.
Lets just hope with someone new running the schools that we can expect honesty returned to the administration.

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