Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dowagiac Council Turned Down Once Again

At tonight's council meeting Dowagiac residents got a HUGE victory. Tonight the council was voting to increase the water and sewer rates.
The vote increase was shot down on a 3-2 vote. The vote went right down income status of the council. The Dowagiac Informer would like to thank 1st Ward Councilpersons Lori Hunt and Junior Oliver for stopping yet another increase on residents utilities.
Now we wait and see what the city does next to bring in more money from Dowagiac residents.
There was also 2 new comers attending council tonight. Two women from the 1st ward asked the council why streets in the 1st ward have grass growing in the street. This is another clear example of how the city takes care of the wards in Dowagiac that have a higher income level and ignore the 1st ward.
This is a clear example of more residents getting involved in their local Government. Let's keep moving forward and continue getting new people attending meetings.
Another residents spoke on how the city has decided to pick on her for code violations, while ignoring others. We have written many times about the selective enforcement policies of the city and it is good to see residents call the city on this behavior.
More news on the council meeting will be posted later.

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