Tuesday, December 15, 2009

City Of Dowagiac Appoints Full-Time City Employees To Hear Electric Complaints

Got A Problem With You Electric Bill?
If you have a problem with your electric bill and the customer service personal at the window cannot help, there is a place to go for help.
The city of Dowagiac now has a committee that you can have your complaint heard. How fair is it to have the City Manager, City Clerk and DPS Manager to hear residents complaints about the City Ran Utility? Wouldn't it seem that the city would appoint non-employees to hear complaints?
To get in contact with the committee call 269-782-2195 and ask for the Dowagiac City Managers office.


  1. This is nothing new. If they would have appointed normal residents they wouldn't know the outcome before even listening to residents concerns.


  2. You are so right, why do the people of your town allow this to happen?