Monday, December 28, 2009

Dowagiac Mayors Answers To Car Auction Lawsuit Just Adds More Questions

Mayor Don Lyons press release to the Dowagiac Daily News didn’t offer any answers and added more questions.
Mr. Lyons stated that he was to be able to purchase the auto at a fixed price of 1 million dollars. But they already made a commitment to the Duesenburg Museum. Why would a car be up for auction when the decision was already made to sell the car for 1 million dollars?
Mr. Lyons stated that Tim Durham would sell him the car for 1 million if he was the winning bidder. If this was the case why didn’t Mr. Lyons keep bidding as long as it took to win the auction if he knew that he would get the car for 1 million?
After bidding 2.8 million the Mayor stopped bidding. Why? He was promised the for 1 million if he was the winning bidder?
“ Lyons did pay Diamond Auto Sales the agreed-upon price. Why would Mr. Lyons pay the price he agreed to if he didn’t win the auction?
If Mr. Lyons didn’t win the auction why did he pay the agreed-upon price, where did the money come from that he received for the remaining proceeds? What is the remaining proceeds?
Mr. Lyons stated that a representative from the museum knew about the fixed price. The Dowagiac Informer spoke with Jeff Turner Chairman of the Duesenburg Museum and he told us that the museum didn’t have any knowledge of the fixed price prior to the auction.
We agree with Mayor Lyons, the story will be straightened out during the court process.

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