Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dowagiac Mayor Sued In Federal Court

After reading the news of the upcoming court case for Mayor Don Lyons it has brought up a few questions.
Everyone needs to remember that anyone accused of a crime is innocent until they are proven guilty.
We are not going to pass any judgment on the auction issue until the case is heard by a jury. However we have some concerns of the company that the mayor keeps. When you decide to make friends and hang out with a person like Tim Durham you have to expect that trouble is not far behind.
From reading more about Mr. Durham he has had the FBI raid his property and he has been accused of running a ponzy scam and it appears that he has a reputation for leaving many people upset in his wake.
The court will decide if any laws were broken at the auction. The question that needs to be answered is, why would a well respected mayor have business dealings with someone with a reputation like Mr. Durham?


  1. Donald Lyons needs to admit his mistakes and step down as your towns Mayor.
    How can the residents of your town allow him to run your city?

  2. Tim Durham's partner, Daniel Laikin, is being sentenced in January to prison for a felony conviction associated with illegally manipulating stock in National Lampoon, the company owned by Laikin and Tim Durham. Tim Durham's only two successes have been on a "timely" purchase in stock in a company called Brightpoint, run by Dan Laikin's brother Robert Laikin, and a purchase of stock in Cellstar, which was acquired by none other than Brightpoint shortly later.

    Someone should pull the trading records of Don Lyons and see if he traded in either of these two stocks, or the other stocks such as Obsidian and National Lampoon that Tim allegedly tried to manipulate.