Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Dowagiac Councilman Answers Questions From The Dowagiac Informer

New Dowagiac Councilman Responds To Questions From The Dowagiac Informer

1) What is one of your top priorities for your ward over the next two years?
Help to bring jobs to the city, make sure residents concerns are heard and acted upon, having a cleaner and safer ward to live in.

2) As the new councilman for your ward what will you do to get input from residents?
I intend to set up meeting to find out the concerns, meet and talk on the streets or if invited talk in their homes.

3) What do you feel is your number one accomplishment is in life?
Do good to my fellow man, so that I may be remembered as to have accomplished good for my friends and neighbors.

4) Do you have any ideas that you are going to bring before council to help bring jobs back to Dowagiac?
I intend to keep doing research on companies to come here. I am asking the council's support in bringing green jobs to our community, these are the jobs of today and for the near future.

5) What can you do to get residents more involved in council meetings?
I think keeping them truly informed is the key to more involvement. If they don't know till after the fact how can they be involved?


  1. Counciilman, My name is Sy,Vanderbutts.
    I am an Activist for Cass County Medical Marijuana patients,I was wondering your feelings towards Michigan Medical Marijuana patients,and the injust raidings of their homes,also comment on a ordidnance for a dispensary in Dowagaic.thanks, God Bless

  2. I think that the police that went to your home for no other reason than to hassle you.

    Mr. Fitz said that the law was passed for 70 years olds.

    I voted yes on this and I didn't see anything about an age limit.

    Cass County is just a corrupt system