Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dowagiac City Clerk attacks resident with incorrect allegations of criminal record

At Monday's Council meeting 30 seconds prior to the start of the council meeting City Clerk James Snow approached me with the following comment. " I have a perfect story for the Dowagiac Informer."
Because Mr. Snow and I have worked together on stories in the past, I thought that he was going to suggest another story about Dowagiac years ago.
Mr. Snow said " maybe you can write a story about your criminal record".
It is my belief that Mr. Snow timed this comment so when he finished his comment the mayor started the meeting before I could question why he would say such a slanderous statement.
Mr. Snow had no facts to base this comment on and did it to do nothing more than to attempt to make me angry prior to the start of the meeting.
It is one thing to make a comment like this one on one but Mr. Snow made this comment so half of the Dowagiac City Hall council chambers could hear his comments.
I can only assume that Mr. Snow took the word of Junior Oliver who has admitted that his statement was not true in today's Dowagiac Daily News.
Mr. Snows action of spreading lies of me having an arrest record in the state of Nevada are the actions of a child,not someone elected as the City Clerk of Dowagiac.
If Mr. Snow thinks that it is ok to tell residents attending a council meeting incorrect information that could cause me to lose employment working with inter-city youth.
I am sure Mr. Snow wouldn't like the Informer to write stories or pass on rumors about him or his family that isn't true.
Mr. Snow needs to remember that what is Goodenough for Mr. Snow is Goodenough for others.
I am asking readers to call Mr. Snow at 782-2195 and ask him why he would try to ruin my ability to work with children because of him telling residents at the council meeting that I have an arrest record in the state of Nevada.
The only question I think I deserve from Mr. Snow is WHY would you do this in front of the residents at the council meeting.
Mr. Snow should at least step up to the plate and be man enough to write an apology like Councilman Oliver did.
This is just the beginning of this story. Next week we have a meeting with Dowagiac City officials, Mr. Snow and Mr Oliver to see where we go from here.
There has also been a story started about a much more severe allegations than a criminal record that we will write more about after the meeting with the city officials.

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