Friday, May 7, 2010

What About Dowagiac Schools Loss Of Students?

One of the things the city is not thinking about is the negative effect on the community if they increase the utility deposits to $500.
If a landlord has new tenants, who want to move in, chances are good that they will not be able to afford first and last months' rent, security deposit and the utility deposit.
The city is requesting a $500,000 grant for more downtown apartments. In their application and press release, they stated that these apartments are needed for low-income people and college students. Does anyone really believe that low-income residents and college students can afford a $500 security deposit?
Last month, the City of Dowagiac had 80 electric shutoffs. If these people are forced to pay between $250-$450 more, plus their past due electric bill, do you think they will pay the bill or move to another community?
Let's say that just 25% of these families decide to move and not pay the increase in their deposit; that would be 20 families moving. If each family had just one child in Dowagiac schools, that would mean that the school would lose 20 students. 20 students at $7000 a student would be a huge loss for Dowagiac Schools, and this is just ONE MONTH
Think about it and call you councilman.

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