Friday, May 7, 2010

Dowagiac Michigan Trying To Merge Fire Departments

The next meeting to discuss Dowagiac taking over local fire departments will be May 26th at Wayne Township Hall.
We have been told that the reason the city picked the location for the new fire station was because it puts them within 5 miles of some of the outlying fire departments to keep their ISO rating higher.
So far the only departments that are in favor of this merger is the City Of Dowagiac and Keeler.
Against the merger is Indian Lake, Sister Lakes, Pokagon and Wayne Township.
As we have seen the City of Dowagiac is wanting a $500.00 utility deposit and it has been said they don't even try to collect past due accounts.
If this city cannot run their utilities and want to increase the deposit to one of the largest in the state, why we the community want them in charge of fire protection for surrounding areas?
People need to remember that the city is known for keeping things quiet until the decisions are made and it is to late to stop what has already taken place.
Here is the chance to get involved, make sure to attend the meeting in Wayne Township and tell the City of Dowagiac to take care of their own residents and to stay away from already trained and established fire departments.
Now read the press release from the city below and see if you think this is the city’s way of preparing residents for their plan of taking over fire service.

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