Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look What Happens When A Resident Rally's To Stop An Ordinance In Dowagiac Michigan

Last Thursday I met with City Manager Kevin Anderson to see what could be worked out about the comments made by City Clerk Jim Snow at the council meeting and the comments made by Junior Oliver.

At this meeting I requested a meeting with Kevin Anderson, Jim Snow and Junior Oliver. Mr. Anderson said he would set up a meeting and get back with me. Since that meeting I have called and left messages and sent an e mail to Mr. Anderson to find out when this meeting could take place.

As of today Mr. Anderson has not returned my calls or e mail. Now how hard can it be to set up a meeting? Jim Snow is there everyday and Junior Oliver is at McDonalds everyday so I am sure his has the time to meet.

It seems that the city is going to try to use the same strategy they used when former city manager and pedophile William Nelson had children's school records. Ignore all questions and wait for it to go away.

I can promise Mr. Anderson, Mr. Snow and Mr. Oliver this will not work this time. I will continue to write, call, e mail and write in the Informer until this meeting is set up.

A resident asked me today why this is so important to me. There is more here than residents know and I feel that it is time to explain to all of you why this is important to me.

At the last council meeting City Clerk Jim Snow came up to me and told me to write about my arrest record from Benton Harbor within ear shot of half the people attending the council meeting.

At the same time Junior Oliver was telling residents I had an arrest record in Las Vegas Nevada. This is bad enough considering I work with children and lies like this could cause me to never be able to work with youth ever again.

Now to add even more lies to the story one of the people involved in telling these lies has also told residents that when I had the candy store that I was inappropriate touching children. This goes above and beyond and petty differences between myself and city politics.

How would any of you like to have stories like this going around town about you?

This is why I feel that I deserve to have a meeting with Mr. Snow and Mr. Oliver I believe that both of them owe it to me to explain why they would make accusations like this to a resident. Is it their plan to take away the only way I make a living or was it to try to convince residents that I am a danger to the community?

Both of the people involved in these lies are elected officials and if City Manager Kevin Anderson thinks that I am going to allow the city to stall like they did when my children's school records were in the desk of our former city manager that attempted to meet a 14 year old for sex that are completely wrong.

Mr. Anderson, I am expecting to hear back from the city with a meeting date prior to the council meeting next Monday, if a meeting is not possible please send me a letter on the city letterhead explaining why.

One more thing readers need to understand is I was not the only resident verbally attacked by Mr. Snow with untrue allegations but I cannot speak for that person. I am sure that in the near future the other person will speak out as well.

I hope this explains to residents why I am so upset over the comments by these two elected officials.

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  1. I'm not actually commenting on this particular blog but rather as a whole to the author of it. It seems that every article or blog that I read on the Dowagiac Informer is negative. Is that what this medium is all about?....Negativity? I just spent Thursday night watching a great show of talent that the Dowagiac Schools put on. It seems to me that I saw someone with a tshirt that said "Reporter" and I believe that it referenced "The Dowagiac Informer". What I'm curious about, is why I haven't seen any blog about it. It was a great show and I was very proud of the kids that were involved.
    I really don't know what was said and by who regarding this blog. I'm inclined to not have much interest in other peoples "mudslinging". What I am interested in, is the kids and people of this community that do good things.
    The faculty and students that took place in the Spring show the other night deserve kudos. But no mention of it here.
    Anyway, I'm not trying to put anyone down, or downgrade anyone but I thought I would mention that it would be nice to read something possitive rather than negative.
    I would like to say that when we tend to mud sling and bad mouth people constantly, sometimes a little of it bounces back at you. When someone is constantly attacked with negativity, they retort and sometimes say things without thinking. I'm not sticking up for anyone in particular here, but remember we are all human.