Monday, May 17, 2010

The Future Of Dowagiac Is In Our Hands

Things are slowly changing in Dowagiac. People are getting more involved in city politics, which is the only way that the city of Dowagiac is going to recover.

Recently, residents got involved because of the city's unfair utility deposit proposal. Your involvement needs to continue. If all of you hadn't shown up at that last council meeting, that utility ordinance WOULD HAVE PASSED!

We have witnessed the behavior of Junior Oliver and Dowagiac City Clerk Jim Snow, and we must conclude that the city doesn't like it when residents question the city's decisions.

The only way to make sure that the council really votes in the best interest of residents, is let them know that citizens are watching. This is done by attending each council meeting. If residents stop attending meetings after the new deposit ordinance is passed, one Tuesday you will read the Informer and find out that the council just passed another ordinance that will be unfair to residents. They've done it before, and they'll do it again.

Making a change in Dowagiac will not be easy, as you can see by the attack on me by the councilman and city clerk, but if residents keep attending meetings, it will make it harder for them to use slanderous comments again.

Elections for 5 council seats are in November 2011. It is very important for residents to keep attending meetings and reading the Informer to keep up to date on the actions of the city between now and the Election.

So far, there are commitments for people to run for Junior Oliver's seat and Jim Dodd's seat. We are still three people short of having someone running for every open seat. Now is the time to start thinking about running next year.

We will sponsor workshops for all candidates, provide an endless supply of volunteers, help design campaign literature, and even help you get campaign funds. With so many seats being open, residents can take back their city council and take back their city in one single election.

If anyone has concerns or questions about running for office, send us an e-mail.

Starting in August/September, we will start sponsoring workshops to get things ready for next year. We promise, if you make the decision to run, you will have as much, if not more, education, information and all the tools needed to run for office as someone running for a seat in state government.

When the Dowagiac City Clerk and Councilman Oliver start telling lies right in the middle of council chambers, it proves that arrogance is out of control, and it's time to replace these people. Some on the council have been in office for so long they forgot what it is like to struggle to pay bills.

If you were on the Dowagiac City Council, would you have even considered a $500 utility deposit?

Let's make 2011 the year that citizens BEGIN the process that requires that the Dowagiac City Council fairly represent the citizens of Dowagiac--and the councilman need to know that it is not enough to be a body sitting in a seat following orders.

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