Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dowagiac City Clerks Outburst Shocks Residents

As all of you know city officials have decided to personally attack me by spreading rumors of me having some kind of criminal record. This was started by Councilman Junior Oliver and then passed on by City Clerk Jim Snow at Monday's council meeting.

This proves that city officials think that they are above the rest of the community and can do as they please. If you remember a few weeks ago Councilman Dodd said if the Informer ever said anything about his family that we would we talking to his attorney.

Isn't it funny that if the Informer says something about a councilman's family they threaten to speak to an attorney but another councilman and the city clerk can pass on incorrect information on a resident that is ok.

When residents elected these two officials did you elect them to represent you and do what is in the best interest of residents or did you elect them to spread lies about residents?

All of us at the Informer are counting on the City Of Dowagiac doing the right thing and sitting down with these two elected officials and explaining to them what the guidelines are for public office.

We are having a meeting next week with City Manager Kevin Anderson, Councilman Junior Oliver and Dowagiac City Clerk Jim Snow. We will let residents know if the city takes a stand against their own or allows two members of the Good Ol Boys club to continue business as usual.

Please share your thoughts on the behavior of these two elected officials on out form.

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