Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dowagiac City Councilman Jim Dodd Wants To Records Meeting In Case Of Lawsuit

Monday night Councilman Jim Dodd asked why the Dowagiac City Council doesn't record council meetings. Mr. Dodd thought it would be a good idea in case someone tried to sue the city.

This by far has to be the most ridiculous idea we have ever heard from a councilman. Mr. Dodd if they recorded the meetings Mr. Snow wouldn't be able to accuse residents of having a criminal history because their would be recorded proof.

This time Mr. Snow allowed his ego to think it was ok to say this in front of about 10 people that could hear his comments.

Mr. Dodd how about spending your time thinking of something that would benefit all residents instead of worrying about covering the council in a lawsuit.

Remember if the council would be honest with residents you wouldn't have to worry about recording meetings.

Mr.Dodd we requested the city a few years ago to allow Comcast to broadcast the meetings through public access and they wouldn't allow that. The sooner you understand that everything is suppose to be a secret the better your chances are of getting another term in office.

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